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HostAway has been offering quality website, email and colocation hosting services since 2005, however the business’s current expertise draws on a history dating back 20 years. HostAway’s sister company, WA Data, was established in the same premises back in 1990 to sell and service wholesale and retail computer equipment. In 1995 the company branched into Internet service provision, with a new business called Arachnet. Providing internet access to over 10,000 retail customers, Arachnet was one of the earliest dial-up Internet companies in Perth, adding broadband to their offering before this division was sold to ISP Amnet in 2005. The advanced network infrastructure, data centre, website and email hosting clients were retained and developed into the current company – HostAway.

Maintaining the dedicated team of professionals who ran Arachnet, HostAway focused on providing a reliable and powerful hosting environment for its clients. To make the new services easier to manage, a control panel was custom-designed to communicate with HostAway’s unique configuration of load-balanced servers. HostAway has continued to evolve with emerging technologies, adding virtual servers and backup options to the services it provides.

The team at HostAway is dedicated to providing great service and quality IT solutions for Australian businesses, and will continue to develop and refine our infrastructure as the IT landscape changes.

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