Backup Solution

HostAway’s Backup Solutions allow you to backup important documents and files from your home/work computer to our secure data centre. All data is then replicated to a secondary data centre for absolute peace of mind.

This service is also perfect for customers co-locating hardware in our data centre who require a quick and effective backup solution, without the hassle of managing external storage devices.

HostAway Online Backup System

Offering 256-bit encryption and SSL transmission, high speed uploads and restoration, HostAway’s Online Backup System is the data recovery solution for your business. Choose from:

  • HostAway Easy Backup Manager – perfect for the home or office and includes easy to use software for backing up or restoring your files with a simple click of your mouse (available for Windows, Mac or Linux).
  • HostAway Complete Backup Manager – comprehensive backup software for servers, virtual machines, database and email servers and even Windows Bare Metal.
Storage Price (per month)
10GB $20
25GB $30
50GB $50
100GB $90
250GB $200
500GB $350
1000GB $600

Take advantage of our free 14-day (5GB) trial of our Backup Solution. Please visit the HostAway Backup Service for downloads and instructions.. and contact us if you would like to purchase the full service or have any questions!

Add-on modules are available for:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • MySQL Database Server

  • Lotus Domino & Lotus Notes

  • Oracle Database Server

  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox

  • Microsoft Windows System Backup

  • Microsoft Windows Virtualisation

  • VMware VM Backup

  • ShadowProtect System Backup

FTP Backup

For non-Windows users (eg, Linux or Mac) who would prefer a simple FTP-based solution HostAway can offer a customised backup system which can be used with a multitude of free clients. This service is provided with a basic level of support, and is particularly useful for customers hosting machines in our data centre. If you prefer rsync to FTP this protocol is also available.

Prices are the same as above and we can also offer a free 14-day (5Gb) trial of this Backup Solution. Please contact us if you would like a trial account, have any questions, or would like to purchase the full service.