Virtual Servers

This product offers you a Virtual Private Server using VMware or Xen virtualisation technology Рa server over which YOU have full control and root access, providing much the same features as a colocated server without the hassle of maintaining and upgrading your own hardware. The virtualisation solutions we use are suited to the operating system of your choice: Linux servers operate on Xen Cloud Platform and Windows servers run on VMware.

All our Virtual Servers use the same infrastrucure as our colocation network, benefitting from UPS Conditioned Power with Backup Diesel Generator and multiple high-speed fibre links.


Plan Memory Storage Bandwidth Price (per month) OS IPs
Basic 256Mb 10GB 15GB $29.95 Linux 1
Professional 512Mb 25GB 40GB $44.95 Linux 1
Advanced 1024Mb 50GB 75GB $79.95 Windows/Linux 2
Complete 2048Mb 75GB 125GB $149.95 Windows/Linux 2

All plans come with 1Gb Swap and custom reverse DNS. WAIX-only traffic plans are available, please contact us for more information.

Pay yearly in advance and receive a 10% discount!


    • Your choice of Operating System:
      • Debian
      • CentOS
      • Fedora
      • Windows (* incurs additional charges, see below)

Additional Features

With our additional features you can customise your Virtual Server to suit your needs.
$10 / 256Mb
$2 / 1GB
$100 / 50GB
IP Addresses
$2.20 ea
Windows Server Standard
Microsoft Office Standard
$25 / user
Remote Desktop (Terminal Services)
$10 / user
Other Microsoft licenses available on request