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E-Mail Settings

get link INCOMING MAIL SERVER can you buy Lyrica online POP OR IMAP

POP and IMAP are the different ways your email program can download your mail from the server. Read about the differences between the two here.

Your hostname can be either buy Maxalt rizatriptan mail.yourdomain.com.au or  mail.hostaway.net.au

If you wish to use SSL (secure connection) then you will need to use mail.hostaway.net.au as the mail server and change the incoming port from the default to:

If using POP, change from “110” to port “995”

If using IMAP, change from “143” to port “993”


You can send mail through HostAway’s servers or if using a desktop computer you can send mail through your Internet Provider.

An example of your Internet Provider’s mail server would be mail.bigpond.com for Telstra users and mail.iinet.net.au for iiNet users. The benefit of sending mail through your ISP is that you need to enter fewer settings.

If setting up an account on a laptop, tablet or mobile device then we recommend using HostAway’s outgoing mail server – mail.hostaway.net.au

Please note that if you use HostAway’s mail server you will need to select “requires authentication” and “use same settings as my incoming mail server”. It is also recommended that you change the outgoing mail port from the default “25” to port “587”. If you wish to use a secure connection please choose “TLS”.


Your username is your full email address – For example: support@hostaway.net.au


Your mailbox password has been chosen in the HostAway Members panel where you can reset it if required.


If you have an iPhone or iPad you can use our automatic provisioning tool – simply visit https://mail.hostaway.net.au in Safari and select ‘Download the profile’. You will then need to enter your email address and password, your name and the iDevice will do the rest!


If you are using Outlook 2007, 2010, 2013 or 2016 you can sync your contacts and calendars with your phone and webmail account. Simply follow the tutorial found here and download the DavSync plugin here. Thunderbird and other mail programs support CalDAV and CardDAV natively, and don’t require the DavSync plugin.

If you are using Thunderbird you can sync your calendars by following the tutorial found here.

Android users can also enable syncing of calendars and contacts by following the steps in this handy tutorial.