Microsoft 365 on Outlook 2013 and Apple devices

Microsoft 365 on Outlook 2013 and Apple devices

As of late 2022, Microsoft has been changing the way sign-ins work, favouring a more secure experience using “Modern Authentication”. What this means is that some applications may no longer be compatible with Microsoft 365 emails due to those applications not supporting Microsoft’s new authentication method.

This mainly affects older versions of Outlook (ie. 2013), Mac/Apple Mail, and the iOS Mail app. Unfortunately, there is no workaround for this if you are using older versions of these programs or applications.

What are my options?
Regardless of what you have installed on your desktop computer, your emails can always be accessed via a web browser by logging into Outlook on the web. This works so long as you have an internet connection and web browser (and an active Microsoft subscription).

For desktop users, depending on your Microsoft 365 license, you may be able to upgrade or update to the latest version of Outlook. This option is available to users who have the Business Standard license.

If you have the Exchange Online Plan 1 or Business Basic license, you can choose to upgrade your license to Business Standard to gain access to the most up-to-date offline Office suite. Please contact us if you would like to discuss an upgrade.

You may also choose to purchase a newer version of Outlook separately to your Microsoft 365 license.

For Mac users, our recommendation is to use the latest version of Outlook for Mac. This is included in the Business Standard license. Instructions on how to download the Mac versions of the Office apps can be found here.

For iPhone and iPad users, newer devices running iOS 14 or later will be compatible with this change using the built-in Mail application. If you are on an older version or cannot update, we recommend using Outlook on those devices. Instructions on setting that up can be found here (via Microsoft). You do not need any licenses to use Outlook for iOS.

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