Remote Support

In order to allow a technician to access and take control of your computer please follow the steps below.


Choose the operating system you are running and click below, which will prompt you to download the QuickSupport application, save it to your computer and then run / open the application.

Note: Internet Explorer may try to block this download. If so, right click the link below and click ‘Save Target As…’

Microsoft Windows Operating System

Apple Mac OS X Operating System



When the application is open you will see an ID and password, please give this to the technician.

Note: For newer versions of Mac OS, you will need to grant TeamViewer access to control your computer. You may receive a box pop up asking to Open System Preferences or Review System Access. After you do this, you’ll then see the Accessibility settings of your Mac. Click on the lock icon on the bottom left corner and enter your Mac account password to continue. Check the TeamViewer box (you will need to do this for both Accessibility and Screen Recording) which to allow the HostAway technician to use the program to view and control your screen.

For older versions of Mac OS

If you are using Mac OS and you are unable to run the QuickSupport from the link above, you may need to download the previous version of the program. Our support technician will advise you if this is necessary.

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