.au Direct Registrations

.au Direct Registrations

.au direct domain registrations are open from Thursday 24th March. This means you can register domain names such as hostaway.au (without the .com or .net appearing before the .au).

If you already hold a .com.au, .net.au or .id.au then you have six months from 24th March until 20th September 2022 to apply for the exact .au match. This six month period is known as the ‘Priority Allocation Period’ during which direct matches will be put on hold.

This allows current registrants to have the first opportunity to register the exact match of their existing domain names, so long as their current registrant details are up-to-date and eligible*.

Whilst we encourage customers to secure the .au version of their domains to prevent brand confusion or from hijacking, you are under no obligation to do so and your existing domain names will continue to operate as usual.

Please contact us if you have any questions about eligibility or wish to pre-register your new .au domain!

Once HostAway has registered your interest, you can check the status using auDA’s tool here: https://www.auda.org.au/tools/priority-status-tool

Please note that during the Priority Allocation Period, all submissions are subject to an application fee (which is the cost of the domain registration) but this does not guarantee you the domain name in the event of a contested registration (ie. you are in the same Priority Category as another applicant). Unfortunately this fee is non-refundable regardless of whether or not registration is successful.

*Important Reminder: Businesses should ensure they have the correct ABN or ACN linked to their domain registration. auDA have recently been auditing domains and cracking down on those with expired or invalid ABNs. If your domain was registered many years in the past and you’ve restructured your operations or purchased a business it is imperative to update the domain registrant.

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