Data Centre Upgrades

Data Centre Upgrades

At HostAway we manage our own data centre facility and one of our goals is to improve efficiency and redundancy wherever possible. To achieve this we have recently added internal doors and air baffles to provide a cold aisle containment system for our server racks.

cold_aisle_containment_row_A_BThis makes the area that needs to be cooled as small as possible whilst allowing all the hot air to be separated and drawn to our redundant air conditioning units. It also means that if an air conditioning unit fails the remaining units in the data centre will more easily be able to carry the load.

Another benefit of cold aisle containment is that it reduces hot spots by allowing air to flow through the entire rack, front to back instead of bottom to top. This change in airflow has been a large project initially requiring perforated rack doors, vented floor tiles and finally the baffles and doors. We will now focus on sealing the cold aisles as much as possible to remove any errant heat sources and “cold air leaks”.

cold_aisle_containment_rack seals Whilst improving cooling has been the most visible change we continue to focus on other key elements of the data centre – most importantly power and connectivity. Servicing of our UPS, battery arrays and generator is ongoing as per our maintenance schedule and we have increased our fibre capacity and redundancy. New security cameras have been installed whilst our internal and external monitoring is tested on a weekly basis. Finally, you may have noticed our sticky door mat when entering the data centre to reduce debris.

We look forward to running you through these changes next time you visit our facility!


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