Do you have a professional email address?

Do you have a professional email address?

A recent study by Ireland’s Domain Registry has confirmed what we already knew: Customers are more likely to trust a company that uses a professional email domain name than those which use Gmail or some other free option.

Commenting on the research, David Curtin, Chief Executive of IEDR, said:

“Our research reveals that consumers see professional email addresses and websites as indicators of trust and authenticity. For sole traders and SMEs, this is particularly important. Anecdotal evidence suggests that first-time customers are far more likely to contact the plumber or electrician who has a web presence, rather than the one who just has a phone listing. Investing in a website that lists contact details, services and prices implies openness, accountability and trustworthiness.”

Despite the abundance of low cost options (our Email Hosting plans begin at $55/year) and simple website-building tools, a large number of companies still operate without a website, conducting their business using their Bigpond, Gmail or even Hotmail accounts. Would you prefer to receive a quote from or Please call us if you’d like help in setting this up for your business, it won’t take long!

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