Domain Phishing

Domain Phishing

You are probably familiar with some of the many Phishing attempts circulating the Internet (whereby someone fraudulently tries to acquire your information by pretending to be a trustworthy organisation) however there are a few ‘companies’ that have been mailing out letters for domain name renewals with something that appears to be an invoice.

These letters originate from companies such as Domain Register, Domain Name Group or Domain Renewal Group however they often change their names so please read your letter carefully. They apparently avoid breaking the law by including a small note claiming ‘this is not an invoice’ or ‘this is an invitation to register’. They will also sometimes offer a free iPod or prize but be warned, if they manage to gain control of your domain name you will be hit with very high renewal fees and hosting costs.

If you are in doubt please give us a call – we can quickly advise whether the invoice is legitimate or not! For more information we recommend you visit The Scamwatch Website

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