Give Your Website A Speed Boost

Give Your Website A Speed Boost

Our shared Linux website hosting plans run on a cluster of servers, to make them highly available. We constantly monitor performance and response times and determined that some websites running on the popular CMS, WordPress, needed extra resources. Consequently we’ve added more hardware to the cluster and some exciting new options, to speed up your website loading time.


Firstly, we have updated the load balancing software, which has provided an immediate speed boost to every website. This has decreased TTFB (Time To First Byte) response times by more than half.

Secondly, we have added two new PHP Versions to provide a more dramatic speed boost. ‘FPM’ versions of PHP behave differently, by keeping a copy of PHP ‘warm’ allowing for faster response times and processing, versus normal PHP versions which simply load when required.

To activate this you will need to log into the HostAway Members Panel.

On the homepage, select PHP Version Chooser. Select PHP 5.6 FPM or PHP 7.0 FPM. If you have an older website, that hasn’t been updated for some time you should choose PHP 5.6 FPM. If you have a recently built or updated website then please choose PHP 7.0 FPM. Wait 20 minutes for this to take effect and watch your website load times drop!

If you experience any issues switching to FPM simply change back using the PHP Version Chooser and contact us for help.

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