If your mailbox is full…

If your mailbox is full…

If your mailbox is full then new emails will be rejected by the server – oh no! Never fear, this is a simple problem to overcome, you can either delete some emails to make room or increase the size of your mailbox.

When your mailbox is over 90% full the email server will automatically send you a message to warn you that you are running out of space. The simplest step is to log into the HostAway Members Panel and click on Email Quota Manager. This will display a list of mailboxes in your account and the amount of space allotted to each. Simply click on the plus or minus buttons to add more space to the particular account and choose ‘submit’. Problem solved!





Run out of space? If you’ve allocated all of your mailbox space then contact us to add more space to your account.

If you would prefer to delete emails to make room then please ensure you are running IMAP. If you are running POP (see this article for an explanation of the difference) then deleting emails from your computer won’t necessarily free up any space. If in doubt, log into Webmail and if you delete emails from there you can be certain you are removing emails directly from the server. If you are running POP you may need to lower an Advanced option in your mailbox settings to only keep emails for a certain number of days (e.g. reduce this from 30 to 14). This will clear out emails older than x amount of days.


TIP: Use your email program to rank your emails by size and save any large attachments, then remove them from the email. Alternatively, if using Outlook you can create a second .pst file to use as an archive, by following this tutorial: http://www.howtogeek.com/198907/how-to-archive-email-messages-in-outlook-2013/

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