Keep your website up to date

Keep your website up to date

Your website is the online reflection of your business, so of course you would like it to be attractive and convey all the relevant details in an appealing manner. Whether you built the ideal website or you are still looking for the right web developer one thing you need to consider is ongoing maintenance. Who is responsible for updates and security patches? Who uploads new content or makes edits? These are questions you need to ask your web developer before signing any contracts, in addition to how much these changes will cost.

Software (your website is software!) needs to be maintained and patched to allow for the latest features and to ensure it does not contain security loopholes that a hacker can take advantage of. The most popular Content Management Systems are constantly releasing updates which need to be applied to avoid your website being hacked. Our website hosting platform includes a notification system to prompt customers who don’t apply updates to these popular website platforms.

There are potential performance advantages to upgrading and while you’re updating the software you might want to update your content too – this is believed to be good for SEO. When updating your platform (i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) don’t forget to update your plugins, modules and themes!

HostAway also offers an updating service for WordPress and Joomla websites, see here or contact us for more information.

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