LED lighting is our latest ‘green’ initiative

LED lighting is our latest ‘green’ initiative

All data centres have a high demand for electricity as computing power generates heat which requires cooling, particularly in Perth’s warm environment.

HostAway has long been committed to running as efficiently as possible and minimising our environmental impact. Our previous works have included:

  • Installing a 30kW solar array, using 172 rooftop photo voltaic solar panels.
  • Modifying the data centre to use a containment system (hot aisle/cold aisle separation) including perforated rack doors and floor vents.
  • Running a paperless office and implementing a strict recycling protocol for plastics, metals, silicon boards.
  • Reducing our waste, using sustainable or recyclable office supplies which includes using biodegradable coffee pods (we still need coffee!).

Last month we replaced 70 fluorescent globes throughout our building with low watt LED lighting. The data centre and common areas include motion sensors which reduce their output to 30% when no motion is detected. When someone walks into an area then the light will switch to full brightness.

The solar power we generate (graphed below) has a significant impact on our daily power draw (graphed above).

New power sensors have been installed which gather more granular data about our power use in the office, data centre aisles and the HVAC system. This has provided insights into our power use (and drove the installation of the LED lighting), which allows us to fine tune our systems to maximise efficiency.

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