More domains now available

More domains now available

ICANN, the Internet’s naming authority, has recently approved over 700 new domain name extensions with up to 1300 becoming available over the next few years. You are probably familiar with the common domain extensions which are called gTLDs (generic Top-Level Domains) and include .com, .net and .org. You would also know some of the country specific domain extensions (called ccTLDs) such as,,,, etc. Now there are a multitude of new gTLDs to choose from such as .menu, .expert, .money, .realestate, .hotel and so many more.

What does this mean for you?

In the past you may not have been able to register the domain you want because someone else had already registered it. Now you have the opportunity to register your brand or business name using a different domain extension, perhaps one relevant to your industry. Or you might come up with a creative way to use a new domain extension, e.g.,,

Before you rush to register a bunch of new domain names first consider the implications. Public awareness of these new domains is still low and you don’t want domain confusion sending your potential customers to a competitor’s website.

A respected Google engineer posted that the new extensions won’t provide any SEO benefits over standard gTLDs, however search engines may change their algorithms depending on how the market reacts to the new gTLDs.

The current registration costs are higher than the old gTLDs and unfortunately ICANN has allowed pluralisation meaning that you may need to register multiple gTLDs to protect your identity from domain squatters. For example if you are in the automotive industry you can choose from .car, .cars, .auto, .autos, .motor, .motors, .vehicle and .vehicles.

If you are interested in registering these new extensions please don’t hesitate to call us so that we can search the available domains and provide advice on the best option for your business. Below is a list of some of the new gTLDs, with more to follow soon (some in different languages!).

Note: Some of these domain extensions may still be in their pre-registration stages meaning you may need to have a trademark registered or be prepared to wait a few months until the domain extension becomes generally available.


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