The checklist every website owner should have

The checklist every website owner should have

Downtime can cost your business money.  If you own a domain and have website or email hosting you should know where all your data is stored and how to access it. Whilst keeping track of your website details may seem like a tedious bore, in the event that you need them you’ll be glad you spent the time filling out our handy checklist.

Some instances where this will save you grief:

  • You wisely have your hosting with HostAway but your domain was registered years ago by that web developer, whats-his-name… I think he was someone from the Accounts Department’s cousin? Now your domain has expired and you don’t know how to renew it!
  • Your website was created by a web developer who wants to charge you ridiculous prices for monthly hosting. Without the login details you can’t move your website to HostAway. Oh no!
  • You’re having a new website created and your old web developer doesn’t want to hand over any of your login details to the new guy. Awkward!
  • You wish to leave HostAway (What! Are you crazy!?) but don’t have the heart to call their wonderful and helpful team to ask them for your login details. Hehe, just kidding, no-one has ever left us but if you want to be the first we’ll happily complete this form for you…and welcome you back with open arms when you realise the error of your ways 🙂


We’ve been helping people move their domain names, websites and email addresses to HostAway for over a decade and many customers could have saved themselves a heap of trouble and downtime if only they’d documented all their login details. Download our handy checklist now and contact us if you require any help completing it.

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