What is a Virtual Server (VPS) ?

What is a Virtual Server (VPS) ?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a slice of a powerful computer which runs its own copy of an operating system (OS).

You can use it to host a website, run an email server, store files, pretty much anything you can do with a physical server.  To properly explain, let us briefly describe the common hosting choices:

  • Shared Hosting – the host company manages the OS and provides you with email, web & database space.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting – you have a physical server which you manage completely, hardware + software.
  • Virtual Server Hosting – the best of both the above options, you have dedicated resources, can choose your OS and application software but don’t have to worry about the hardware component.


The primary reasons for choosing a VPS are:



You can choose the OS and all the software to suit only your application meaning your server can be as streamlined as it needs to be. You can choose to install control panel software such as cPanel/WHM or you can use your root access to set everything up from the command line. Reboot, rebuild, backup and manage your VPS with HostAway’s advanced management portal.


Having dedicated resources will make your website or application run faster than on a shared platform. In addition the activities of other customers will not impact your server as each customer is isolated and allocated resources from a set pool.


You select the software and can encrypt or isolate your data as you please. With HostAway all your data is stored within Australia and you can choose to integrate multiple services into a hybrid or public cloud configuration (for more information on the cloud please refer to this article).


Using the HostAway Cloud Platform you can scale your resources up and down as required, on-demand and with minimal downtime. You can even choose to pay by the hour for the resources you use.


Not sure if you need a VPS? In many cases you can start with one of our shared hosting packages and we can assist in migrating you to a VPS when your website demands more resources.

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