Changes to cPanel licensing

Changes to cPanel licensing

HostAway’s shared hosting plans operate on a custom-built cluster of Linux servers to provide high reliability, speed and uptime.

For customers with specific website hosting requirements a Virtual Private Server is recommended. These VPSs can use open-source (no charge) or licensed software to allow the VPS to function as a website server.

Of the three major web hosting control panels (cPanel, Plesk and Direct Admin), cPanel is by far the most widely used.

HostAway provides cPanel licenses which allows customers to turn their VPS into a powerful web hosting platform.

In a controversial move, cPanel recently announced a change to their pricing structure which will come into effect on 1st September 2019. The new “account-based pricing” means the cost for anyone with more than five accounts is going to increase. Unfortunately our base license costs are also increasing as cPanel stripped Partner pricing for lower tiered plans as part of the restructure.

We are investigating alternate licensing plans (such as a solo license for customers using a VPS to manage a single site) and trying to source better pricing. In the meantime if you are a cPanel user you should have received an email from our accounts team regarding the new prices, however please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

cPanel gave the following reasons for the changes in their official blog:

When cPanel defined its original pricing structure, some twenty plus years ago, servers were not as powerful as they are today. Thanks to constant innovation in the hardware sector and optimization in our software, we can now run hundreds of websites on a single processor system. With this change, we align ourselves with this growing technology.


Historically, cPanel has based its services and pricing around a VPS or Dedicated license with unlimited cPanel Accounts. As the company has evolved, cPanel has added more development resources, more structure, and more brain power that, in turn, makes it possible to take on an increasing number of development projects. Adjusting our prices will ensure that we can continue to invest in product development, thrive in an increasingly hostile security landscape, grow our customer ecosystem, and remain a leader in hosting automation.

The price change could also have something to do with cPanel being purchased last year by the investment group Oakley Capital, which also owns Plesk and Solus VM.

cPanel remains an extremely useful tool which is popular with web developers, however if you’d like to discuss alternatives we’re always happy to speak to you 🙂

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